Beth shares her experience of teaching in China

Hi my name is Beth and I work in Beihai international school which is in Weifang a small city in Shandong province the northeast of China.This is my school 北海国际学校,北海双语学校,Beihai international school Beihai bilingual school. I work in the international department which is just up these stairs.This is the international department I work there are so many lanterns in the moment hang off that kids made at home to celebrate the lantern festival and have the competition.Anyway this is grade one classrooms are here there are 2 grade one classrooms and then these are grade 3 classrooms here...Yeah it's really great place to work like really colorful creation it's really good place for children to study it's real welcoming I really like it.This is the office this is where I work this is my desk where I sit.This is Linda my grade one TA.This is Jenny my grade two TA.And This is my grade three TA Blythe they are all lovely and I love working with them.I teach grade one two and three and honestly they are amazing I absolutely love the kids I have so much fun teaching them and I find that so rewarding when I can tell they actually learn something.Teaching is so much fun in China.
Finally if you are thinking about applying for VEC teaching English in China next year.I will definately say just go for it.Yes you will have good times and bad times but overall you will have amazing time you will not regret it and VEC is posting everything so they are good completely to work with I have enjoyed so much this year and I do not regret one little bit,go for it!!! 

Job Details

Responsible Verbal English teacher
20 hours per week teaching