An unforgettable teaching experience

China is a great place to live abroad for a year. Connect with excited and passionate students, explore a vastly different culture, learn the world’s most in-demand language and immerse yourself in a vibrant fast-growing country. You’ll have a teaching experience you’ll love and never forget!

We work with an experienced Chinese education recruiting agent in Beijing to recruit native English speakers who have a passion for teaching oral English to 7- to 15-year-old students (working in junior and senior schools).Placements are for one academic year’s work experience in a Chinese school – we have two intakes a year in September and March.


Join US, Verbal Education Plan!

David:Some of my favourite reasons to join Verbaledu!  

Experience a new culture and not just experience it, but be immersed in it! Working in a new country gives you the opportunity to live like a local. This means delicious foods, and the opportunity to practice or learn a new language! You can also learn about another countries education system. For me, culture is one of the top reasons to teach abroad! 

Make great money to pay off those student loans, save up for your next big purchase, or why not travel on the school holidays?! Although, it depends which country you choose to teach in, you can earn great pay. For example, in China you should make 4-5 times the amount that the local teachers make. Plus, your school will either provide you with an apartment or an apartment allowance – plus pay for your electricity, cable, and internet bills!
 Plenty of spare timeto spend enjoying the culture, traveling, making new friends, and “squidoo-ing!” Once again, it all depends on the contract you sign, but some contracts (like mine!) only require you to work 15 hour weeks.

Contract flexibilityhow much time do you have to teach? A six-month sabbatical, a gap year, or unlimited time? No problem, most contracts are for two terms, however there are one term contracts available.

Boost your resumemoving abroad to teach ESL looks GREAT on a resume! It shows responsibility, time management, communication, problem & decision making skills, project planning, creativity, and much more.
No strict rule on certificationssometimes just a high school diploma! It depends on what country and school you want to work for.  

Share your culturemost students and teachers will be very curious about where their new foreign teacher is from. Show your national pride, and you’ll probably even learn more about your culture through their various questions!