The Verbal Education China(Verbaledu) was previously called the VolunteerIntercultural Project (VIP China), which is run by the National Oral EnglishTeaching Research Bureau, and is the only Education Institution authorized by the Chineseeducation system to provide intern jobs working as  a foreign English teacher in China. We are located in Beijing,China, and our mission is to advance the English communication skills of middleschool students throughout China.

Verbaledu offers program opportunities in China for those people who are willing to 

lookfurther their career in education or immerse themselves more in the Chinese work environment;

To be a member of Verbaledu, you will approach to the formaleducation system in China, and meet many kind & excellent teachers inPublic Schools. Every member of Verbaledu will be embraced by theschool culture. Ideally we are looking for someone who can fit into a close team, dynamic, flexible, creative, innovative, with initiative and drive. Full time contract 15 to 18hours/week Mon to Fri.

Check out if you could get the chance:

Speaking English

Excellent English‏‎ is always on 1st priority. Youdon't have to be a native speaker, but must be extremely proficient.

Being Qualified
Previously all you needed was to speak English but now it's a bitmore professional: You must have the right TEFL qualifications.

In most countries you need to have adegree.

A lot of our partner schools also ask for aTEFL Certificateworth 120hours such as theICAL TEFL Certificate.