How to fill medical form?
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There are some tips when filling the medical form:

 1. Please make sure you fill all the blanks in the form except X-ray and ECG because you don’t need to do X-ray and ECG. You need to do the blood test. 

2. On the photo part of Page 1: please make sure there is your photo and a hospital stamp 


3. On page 2 : please pay attention to the “ suggestion” part, “official Stamp” part “Signature of physician” part, and “Date” part.

 ① suggestion part, it is better to let the doctor help write: "healthy to teach in China" or  " healthy to teach" or at least write: " healthy" 

② offical stamp part: plz make sure there is a hospital stamp or the doctor's stamp  

③  make sure there is a doctor's signature

④  plz write the date




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