A brief document list for work visa
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Here is a brief document list needed from you for applying for notification letter ( a document you will finally get from the school to apply for Chinese work visa in the Chinese Embassy of UK):

1. passport 

2. BA Degree certificate  

3. Police clearance certificate 

4. degree and police clearance legalisations

( They need to be legalized from Chinese Embassy. To save time, please do the two legalisations together after you get your police clearance. )

 5. 120 hours TEFL certificate 

6. TEFL legalisation ( depends on the place of your school)

 7. Medical check

( We will send you a form for medical check . The form will be needed. Please fill all the blanks in the form and do blood test. ( no need to do X-ray and ECG) ( will tell you more details when I send you the form)

 8. photo ( requirements: size needs to be between 40K-120K bytes with the pixels no lower than 354(width)*472(height) and no larger than 420(width)* 560(height); in the format of JPG or JPEG; WHITE background; color mode:24-bits true color image; show facial features

 9. two signed reference letters (they are not necessary documents when applying for notification letter, just for us to take a reference)

 The above are the documents needed. Please send us all the documents in a high-definition color scan document. ( better be JPG/ JPEG format)

  Whole process:  

And this document is about the whole process of visa application. Please read through it and bring up your question if you have any. 

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