Why Verbal English teachers value?
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Why Verbal English?

Verbal English – the future…

Speaking and listening and extending vocabulary through conversation will really help Chinese children learn English is a meaningful way. It will help them understand the phrases and words we often take for granted.

Idioms and colloquial phrases

Phrases, that make absolutely NO sense when looked at literally, are often used as part of the English language and are not taught in the Zhongkao and Gaokao programmes. For example:

‘barking up the wrong tree’
‘I’ll call it a day’
‘easy does it’
‘miss the boat’
…there are many more.

How does English sound to a Chinese person?

Written English and spoken English are very different. It is very hard for Chinese people to write English when they just hear it spoken. The common phrase “how is it going?” sounds like “hazik-gu-un” – which is very different from how it’s written.

If you listen to a conversation between two people for a couple of minutes and note down all the words and phrases that make no literal sense, for example, something as simple as “under the weather” can be confusing but we all immediately understand what it conveys. Also sound different when using the spoken word – from how they might be written on paper.

Also, some phrases sound very different when spoken rather than how they might be written on paper, for example, “what are you up to?” could easily sound like “wotchuuptoo” when speaking in natural conversation –  “what are you up to?”  doesn’t make much literal sense anyway. A more formal way of teaching English would ask “what are you doing?”.

The English language is incredibly complicated and focussing on speaking and listening can give a much deeper understanding of it.

What about subjects other than English?
Any other subjects you might be interested in, such of sports or the arts can enrich the lives of young people and will really help your application because

it will help to enrich the lives of the children
it will help with relationships in your school – between children, teachers and parents

it will help with the development of the local community.

You will learn a lot from the Chinese people too. They will love to show you around their area, teach you about their customs and the kind of things which may be different from other parts of China. It will certainly be very different from anything you will have ever experienced before.

If you’re a musical, coach sports or can juggle, use your talents! Take your guitar or violin and entertain the children and the locals. It will enrich your and their experience.
Make sure you highlight your talents when you apply and continue to talk about and mention it throughout your application.

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