How to make intro-videos
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Guidelines for your two-section video instructions
We advise that your video should comprise:

A simple introduction (of approx. 1–2 minutes). It just speeds things up if your video doesn’t have to be requested.

Footage of you teaching or instructing. This section might comprise a mock-up lesson where you teach to camera or an example of you coaching a sport or working with children in a drama or arts setting (with someone else recording). This is to give your prospective school an example of your commitment and personality, more than giving an example of you delivering the best lesson ever!

Why we use videos?
Video profiles help us to match you to the best possible setting for you. They give a sense of ‘who you are’ and, though we sometimes organise Skype interviews where necessary, your video will be a quick starting point. It helps get you up and running with a placement very quickly.

The three key things to understand are:

1) Videos will only be shared in China and only for the purposes of finding a school placement for you.

2) A simple video is all that is needed. You can produce your video on your phone. We just need you to be clearly visible and your speech to be clear. It is useful to give a little bit of a sense of your character, personality and interests. Show your enthusiasm for working on this project and describing your skills and experiences.

3) Keep it short. Don’t make your video too long – one or two minutes is fine.


The video helps our consultants to pick up on conversation topics they may wish to have with you later, and to help us to see how well Chinese people will likely understand your spoken English. Do not worry if you have a strong accent, this will not be a problem. In fact, it’s the reality of the English language. However, you may need to slow down or modify your speech to over-accentuate so that people that may have limited English can understand you.

Top tips…

If you were asked to introduce yourself to a group of people, what would you say? Keep it natural and don’t read, just chat. Don’t worry if you say “Umm,”, this is normal in a conversation and it keeps it real but avoid using slang and local phrases as they might not be understood. It’s easy to forget that saying “I’m dead excited about the possibility of going to China”, would mean nothing to someone with limited English. What does “…dead excited…” mean? You can introduce those phrases when you have your placement.
There is no need for a professional quality production, you don’t need to pay anyone to create a video for you.
Highlight any experience you have in working with children, young people or adults in education or training.
A useful framework:

Age (optional)
Background (where you’re from; family etc.)
The motivation for taking up the role
Experiences in teaching, education and/or leadership
Any volunteering you may have experience
Employable qualities: e.g. work ethic, integrity, level of resilience
Social traits (e.g. do you like to mix or are you more solitary?)
Can you work under pressure?
Philosophy on helping others
Something about you that you’re proud of
Something you admire about someone else
Income and Benefits

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